About Me

I’m a New York City bred DJ that has over 10 years of club experience playing everything from dingy hole in the wall bars to “A” List celebrity filled hotspots.

I can admit in my early DJ years I was never interested in playing weddings and events.

In my experiences DJs that played these events were always terrible – no technical skill, talked too much, they used cheesy props, were 10 years late with music….man..I could go on and on.

I heard so many bad DJs that I thought thats what people wanted!

I passed on many gigs because I refused to lower myself to that. The thought was just so….uncool.

Then a good friend of my fiancé asked me to spin her wedding reception.

When I explained that I didn’t do the typical “Wedding DJ” thing, she insisted I would be perfect because her and her fiancé didn’t want any of that. They just wanted their DJ to make introductions and announcements tastefully and play some hot music.

I agreed to spin her wedding…… and it was one of the most fun parties I ever played!

I was able to play a mix of fun new tunes, classic hits, and with a few suggestions from the bride and groom the dance floor stayed packed all night.

To top it off, I met two other future brides that booked me off that gig, which in turn lead to even more events. It turns out there are more people who don’t want the cheesy wedding experience!

Since then I’ve been booked for weddings, movie premiers, holiday parties, non-profit events and more.

Despite my many successful events played I know I’m not for everyone. If your not sure, check out this list to make sure I’m the right DJ for your event.

I might not be the right DJ for you if:

  • You need a DJ that brings props and games
  • You want a DJ that speaks in a “stadium announcer” voice 
  • You want a DJ that plays line dancing songs
  • You require a big light show set-up
  • Your looking for the cheapest DJ option available 

 ”Jamar really made our wedding reception epic! The dance floor was packed all night with music ranging from hip hop, to soul, rock and beyond. Not only was his skill evident but playing the right song at the right time made for a great night. Our guests had a blast and one of them told me they could never sit or use the bathroom because the music was too good to take a break. Jamar was very professional and I would even say was a musical director. Thanks for making our wedding day memorable.” — Katie and Stefan

 I love what I do!

I have one of the best jobs in the world – I get to play music that makes people have fun. I consider myself lucky. As such, I approach every gig with the goal of making sure everyone leaves saying it was one of the best parties they’ve ever been too.

I constantly keep up with trends in music and DJ technology.  I play and frequent clubs in and around NYC regularly to stay sharp.  All so that I can be the best DJ I can for your event.

There are too many DJs that don’t share my enthusiasm. For them every event is just another check. They approach every gig the same. No planning, bad communication, cheap equipment…putting your event at risk. You deserve better. And I’m here to give it to you.

You need a DJ for your upcoming event. Why Sure Shot NYC?

  •  Over 12 Years Experience

The DJ of choice at celebrity hotspots, movie premieres, product launches, and more.

  •  All Inclusive Price

No extra fees or taxes. No extra charges for standard equipment (microphones, extra speakers).

  • Extensive Cross-Genre Music Collection

I have over 50,000 songs in my music collection. If you want it, I have it. If not I’ll get it – at no extra cost to you.

  •  I work With You To Customize Song Selection

Your event is unique. I’ll work with you to pick out the right music. Together we’ll create the best experience possible for you and your guests.

  •  Personal Communication

Issues or changes leading up to your event? No Problem. I’m just an email away.

  •  I Know What’s Hot

I currently hold club residencies in New York City. I’m also connected to a network of New York influencers in art and entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for background music for a black tie event or a DJ for a fashion show, I know what it takes to get the party started.


 Don’t Think You need a DJ?

With the help of a DJ you can..

• Increase retail store and convention traffic. DJs draw attention which results in an increase in sales…and cool factor.

• Energize and motivate staff with the right mix of jams at your next team builder, holiday party, or corporate retreat

• Build a bigger buzz at your product launch. The momentum from great party will carry over and keep people excited about your new product.

• Connect with a younger audience. DJ’s are the new rock stars..

The DJ’s have taken over pop culture….DJ’s are quickly becoming the new celebrities and they are attracting young people by the thousands. - Forbes Magaine 3/12

If you’re ready to bring your event to the next level contact me!