Wedding Song: Common – The Light

This past weekend I had the pleasure of djing Stephon & Katie’s wedding in Brooklyn and this was the song of the night. I was contacted a few weeks before the wedding by one of the bridesmaids with the idea of them performing the song during their speech to the newlywed couple. It seems that this was the couple’s “song” and they wanted to perform it, with rewritten lyrics, customized for the couple.

I was all for it, but honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect the day of. They sent me the instrumental version of the track and the day of the wedding I was ready for the performance. During cocktail hour I played the original sample of The Light and the newly married couple stopped what they were doing and headed to the dance floor for a special dance. After that I knew they would be pleasantly surprised.

When it was time for the bridesmaids to make speeches I had the song cued and ready to go. When I got my cue I dropped the song and the ladies started the sing-along. Little did I know the groom’s sister, his best man and a few close friends also added to the performance! The wedding guest were really into it and a few were even up and dancing. The bride and groom were totally shocked and loved every minute of the performance.

It was a great memory for the couple and for myself as well.